Interior Design Services



For a $100 flat fee per room, get solutions to your design dilemmas – from choosing the perfect paint color to hiding jumbled cords or figuring out the best floor plan – all online.

How it works:
1. Submit your design dilemmas via an online survey
2. Receive a design solution via email, within 5 days
3. Enjoy your new, beautiful space



Get a complete design for your space and an easy-to-use online shopping list, straight to your inbox.

How it works:
1. Share your project details during a  45 minute phone call
2. Receive your design plan and online shopping list via email



In the most complete package, choose from multiple design options, and receive an online shopping list and/or personal shopping.

How it works:
1. Share your wants and needs during an in-person consultation
2. Choose your design from inspiration boards and design renderings
3. Complete your design yourself, with your own contractor, and with in-person styling





1. What is E-Design?
Online interior design.

To start an E-Design project, we’ll go over your design dilemmas during one 45 minute phone call or an in-person consultation. In-person consultations are a $100 flat fee that is included in your design fee. Then, you’ll receive a full design plan and online shopping list to bring your design to life.

E-Design is a great lower cost option for anyone who doesn’t mind doing their own heavy lifting, has a long distance project, or has limited time to meet in person.

2. What is Full Service Design?
Traditional, in-person design consultation and styling.

After an in-person consultation, we’ll plan the design and work together to buy the products and complete your design. In-person consultations are a $100 flat fee that is included in your design fee.

Full Service Design is for larger, more comprehensive projects, typically in the Houston, Texas area. If you’re interested in full service design and you’re outside of Houston, let’s chat about traveling.

3. How much do your services cost?
Virtual Consultations are always a $100 flat fee, per room. Other projects will be charged on a case-by-case basis. On average, services start at:

$400 for E-Design Services

$600 for Full Service Design

4. How do I pay?
Payment is accepted via the Cash App, PayPal, Venmo, or personal check. Payments via personal check are only accepted for E-Design or Full Service projects and must be paid in full prior to the start of the project.

Start your Virtual Consultation by paying here.

5. When do I pay?
Virtual Consultations

You’ll submit payment prior to the start of the project, here.

E-Design and Full Service Design

50% down payment prior to the start of the project and you’ll pay the remaining 50% when your project is completed. A $100 flat fee for an in-person consultation is included in your design fee and is due at the time of the in-person consultation.

6. How long until my design is finished?
The timeline for each project will be determined on a case-by-case basis. On average, the project timeline will be within:

5 days for a Virtual Consultation

2+ weeks for E-Design Services

4+ weeks for Full Service Design