Victory Park Project Reveal

Sleek, modern furniture – meet Texan inspired style.

Home type: Condo
Location: Dallas, Texas
Stash of Panache services: E-design

Victory Park Project is a condo near Dallas’ Victory Park/Downtown area. My client needed a flexible design that catered to his style and left open the potential to rent the property. I took inspiration from premier Texas boutique hotels to add unique flavor to my client’s modern furniture.

Living room: Sit and stay a while

I softened my client’s black leather sectional with a light colored area rug, a plaid printed woolen throw, and pillows on either end of the sectional. The coffee table has rustic and vintage-inspired pieces to add character in the midst of strong, contemporary furniture.

Dining area: Fluid style

The dining area needed to flow endlessly into the living room area, so I created a centerpiece with a cowhide throw and rustic wooden bowl on top of a polished walnut table.

Bedroom: Clean and practical design

My client wanted the option of renting out this property, so we opted for a clean and practical design in the bedroom. We used white bedding that is easy to clean and minimal decor.

Texan inspired style

I incorporated cowhides, antlers, and vintage accent pieces throughout the condo to cohesively tie the space together.


If Victory Park Project is ever open for renting, count me as the first tenant!

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