Using Art to Refresh a Room: Favorite Art Pieces

Art has the power to transform a room. Read on to learn how art can refresh your room and to shop some of my favorite art pieces. 

Use art to: simplify & clean

To tie your room together, choose a piece of art that includes all of the colors in the room. Watercolor prints and painted canvases blend multiple colors.


Mesmerize canvas print
Artist: Melanie Severin

Wakeland watercolor print
Artist: Lindsay Megahed

Use art to: brighten a room

Start with a large, white background and add pops of color or pastels. DALLAS WARDROBE ART


Arches print 
Artist: Ilze Lucero



Guard chair print
Artist: Jacquelyn Sloane Siklos

Use art to: darken a space

In moodier spaces, like bedrooms, offices, or sitting rooms, you can enhance the mood with darker art. Use black and white art or pieces with black or muted gray backgrounds.



Flora in b+w print
Artist:Marta Spendowska

Behind Door No. 1 print
Artist: Emily Coey

Use art to: add elegance

Incorporate texture, or the appearance of texture, with painted canvases and fabric pieces.



Splendor print
Artist: Jess Franks

A White Peony print
Artist: Qing Ji

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