How to Use Dried Foliage in Your Decor

Plants and flowers add proof of life to your room. Dried foliage is a lower cost and lower maintenance option for cheap decorators who lack a green thumb. 

How to use dried foliage

Put dried flowers or greenery in a large vase, leaving room between the bottom of the vase and tip of them stem.

Or, pile foliage into a basket.

Where to shop

I’ve found the best dried foliage at:

Home Goods – Home Goods has an aisle of gorgeous dried plants and flowers from $7 – $18+. 
Hobby Lobby –
Dried foliage is on sale for 50% off every other week.
Target –
Target’s foliage selection is small, but mighty. You’ll find mostly green and brown pieces. 
Antique/craft fairs –
Their selection will likely be preserved to better resemble live plants and flowers. Fairs can have higher quality, but pricier items at $20+.

Or, make your own by setting green plants, like eucalyptus, out to dry. You can find eucalyptus bushes at Trader Joe’s for under $4.

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