Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

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One time for my college girls, this post is for you! You’re in some of the best years of your life and living in some of the smallest spaces you’ll probably ever dwell in. You’re chalking up on your book smarts and discovering creative ways to put all of your personal belongings in a cramped dorm room or apartment. Thankfully, retailers feel your pain and there are several storage solutions to take advantage of. Grown ups, you can read too. We use what we learn in college for the rest of our lives, right? 😉
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Bed risers

Plastic bed risers will lift your bed about 5″ off of the ground to give you more room for hiding junk under the bed storage. 
In additional to their practicality, bed risers make your bed look a little taller and more stately. 
Bed risers with power outlet – $24.99, Target

Under the bed storage 

I am notorious for just stuffing junk under my bed! Under the bed storage like this 6″ tall plastic bin from Target makes a home for all of your extra stuff and it will encourage you to better organize. 
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Stackable drawer cart 

Plastic drawers can be a makeshift dresser to hold clothes, files or craft storage, and serve as a nightstand or small table. 
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Stackable drawer cart in Melon – $8.99, Target

Behind the door storage 

Take advantage of your door space with behind the door storage. You can find tools to hang purses, shoes, scarves, or other small items. 
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Storage furniture 

If you live in a small space, I’d take advantage of all kinds of storage furniture! Some of my favorites:
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Vertical hangers 

For the girl with way too many clothes (ME! ) here is your excuse to keep shopping – vertical hangers. 
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