The Stash 09.17

September’s round up of articles, images, and trends to add a little more panache to your life.

1.Meet the Texas Deputy from this viral photo 

Read the story behind Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Johnson. This picture embodies the spirit of Houston – people helping people.

Thank you to everyone who has helped or wants to help our city recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey! Here are a few ways you can help:

  1. Donate to the JJ Watt Foundation’s Houston Flood Relief Fund
  2. Volunteer in Houston – here’s a regularly updated list of how and where to volunteer from all-things-Houston blog, It’s Not Hou It’s Me
  3. Check on family, friends, and co-workers. Talk to real people about what they really need.

I’m providing free virtual design consultations for anyone who is recovering or rebuilding as a result of Hurricane Harvey:

  1. Tell me which areas of your home need work
  2. Receive suggestions for affordable flooring, tiling, wall treatments, furniture, and more via email

To get started, you can complete an online form or email me directly at .

At the time of publishing, Hurricane Irma has already significantly damaged the Caribbean. I’ll be looking for updates on how to help those recovering from Hurricane Irma.  

2. What’s happening with Amazon acquiring Whole Foods?

Image via: Fickr

As of August 28, 2017, the acquisition closed and we’ve already seen Whole Foods’ prices drop by up to 40%. Future plans include, special discounts and rewards for Prime members and Amazon Lockers in Whole Foods stores. Learn more about the acquisition in the official Amazon press release.

3. $5 wine is in Target stores

Add this to the list of things you “need” from Target. The California Roots hit the shelves on September 3.

4. Time Firsts: Women who are Changing the World

Image via: Time Magazine 

Time Magazine rounded up a list of the most amazing female trailblazers. Read, then go forth and conquer.

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