Round Top Round Up

Where to park, shop, eat, and more during Texas Antiques Week.

Every spring and fall, Round Top, Texas and the surrounding areas come to life as an internationally recognized antique hub. Texas Antiques Week, formally Texas Antique Weekend, is a series of days when antique and boutique vendors set up shop in tents and buildings down Highway 237. This fall, Antiques Week runs from Friday, September 15 – Sunday, October 8.

Navigating to and through hundreds of vendors at Texas Antiques Week can seem overwhelming. Here’s a round up of my favorite stops, and places to park and eat along the way.

The Royal Standard

My first stop is always The Royal Standard. The company owns several brick and mortar stores through Texas and Louisiana and they have a large online shop.

Here, you can find new and antique home and holiday decor for up to 50%.

The Royal Standard is located in a brand new building at 2105 S. State Highway 237 in Round Top, Texas. Park in the lot out front, and enjoy a cool, shady space with the best 60’s and 70’s R&B and pop soundtrack.


Throughout Antiques Week, The Royal Standard is donating 100% of the proceeds from sales of their Texas Strong line to hurricane relief efforts.

Market Hill

Home decor and furniture company, Paul Michael Company built a permanent location at Market Hill located at 1542 Texas 237 Round Top, Texas. Authentic English and French antiques make this location more expensive than surrounding areas, but it’s a great place to go for inspiration and maybe a little splurge!

You can eat at Market Hill’s cafe and enjoy a $5 glass of champagne at Pinky’s Bubble Lounge.

While you’re there, use the new indoor restrooms. They beat the Porta Potties everywhere else.

Arbor International Antiques and Interior Design Show

Cross the street from Market Hill to a pocket of tents with new, used, and refurbished merchandise.

My favorite tents:

Leaks in Tent B1
This tent has some of the best previously used pieces for great prices.

Resurrected Furniture Design
This tent has gorgeous refurbished furniture!

Henkel Square Market

This is a good stop to see historic Round Top. It’s home to the famous Royer’s Pie Haven and a few good stores and photo ops.

The Compound

Your favorite designer’s favorite designers frequent The Compound at 2550 Texas 237 Round Top, Texas. The Compound has multiple stores with authentic American, English, and French antiques and a gorgeous courtyard.


Grab a bite to eat at the Picnic on the Green food truck or Simply D’Lish in the courtyard and enjoy live music on most evenings.

Dillard’s Field

A Round Top original, Dillard’s Field never fails. Come ready to dig for used pieces at a great price.

I pay $5 to park on land across the street from the field. Turn into the lot when you see the Texas A&M flag. Whoop!


I always visit the Show House during Antiques Week. They have cute handmade knick knacks, and I wish I could describe how heavenly the home made candles smell! Visit JillSuzanne towards the back of Dillard’s Field.

Please drop a comment if you have any questions about Texas Antique Week!

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