Hosting a Twisted Tea Party

Round up your girls for a night of spiked bevs, finger foods, and loads of tea, honey.

Put a spin on your typical girls’ night by hosting a twisted tea party. Entertain your guests with a Twist Your Tea beverage station, finger foods, and discussion topics to get the conversation going and the tea flowing.


Provide a variety of teas, liquors, and garnishes so your guests can build their own cocktails. We used iced peach and green tea and mini bottles of Tanqueray Gin, BACARDI Rum, MALIBU Coconut Rum, Crown Royal Whiskey, and dry champagne.

The most popular mix for our group was peach tea, Malibu Coconut Rum, and a dash of champagne.


Finger foods like chicken salad sandwiches are always a crowd favorite. Just stuff homemade (or store bought, no shame!) chicken salad into croissants cut in half.

Setting out fresh fruits like grapes and raspberries gives your guests something to nibble on throughout the night and make for a pretty display.


Engage your guests in discussion by dropping gems, sharing knowledge, or “spilling the tea”.

Our topics of discussion:

  • What are you reading?
  • What are you listening to? (new music, podcast, audio book, etc.)
  • How are you staying healthy? (diet, exercise tips, etc.)
  • How are you taking care of yourself? (physical care, mental health care)
  • How are you saving money or budgeting? (coupons, money saving apps, etc.)
  • Where are you shopping? (new stores, upcoming sales, etc.)
  • How are you growing spiritually?
  • Share a personal goal for 2017
  • Share a business/career tip
  • Share a travel tip (packing, travel deals, taking care of yourself while traveling)


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