How to Effortlessly Style Your Coffee Table

Create a focal point in your room, the easy way.

With a few staple pieces you can style, re-style, and re-style again the table at the center of your living room.


What you need:

A tray

I like to start with a tray, it can be big or small, to create a base.

A vase

I put a vase, no higher than 6 inches, on the tray. A tall vase is a nice statement piece, but a shorter vase won’t obstruct your view.

Coffee table books

I add coffee table books to fill in space around the tray. Half Price Books is my favorite place to buy stylish coffee table books for under $5. Home Goods, Amazon, garage sales, and antique stores are also good places to buy coffee table books

Natural elements

Greenery and natural elements like wood give the table life. This eucalyptus bunch was $2.99 at Trader Joe’s.

Wooden garlands are a popular design trend, so they’re getting pricey. You can DIY your own or turn a Christmas garland into year-round decor. This light wooden Garland was $5 at Hobby Lobby.

Small knick knacks

Fill in space with small knick knacks, in varying heights and widths, like candles, figurines, and other accent pieces.


1. Tray | 2. Coffee table books | 3. Wooden bead garland | 4. Greenery | 5 & 6. Knick knacks

1. Tray | 2. Vase | 3. Coffee table books | 4. Wooden bead garland | 5, 6 & 7. Knick knacks


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