DIY Wooden Bead Garland

Store bought wooden bead garlands run upwards from $50. Make your own for under $15.

You’re going to see more interior designers using wooden bead garlands as accent pieces throughout their decor. Get ahead of the trend and make your own wooden bead garland with a fringe tassel:


Jute cord
Wooden beads – I used dark brown and light brown beads


  1. Make your first tassel.
    • Wrap the cord around a flat object that is the desired length of your tassel. I wrapped the cord around my passport about 20 times.
    • Cut a smaller piece of cord. You’ll wrap this around the top of the tassel to tie it together.
    • Slide the cord off of your flat object and wrap the shorter piece of cord around your tassel, leaving a small loop at the top of the tassel. Tie the shorter piece twice.

    • Cut through the bottom list of your tassel cord to create fringe.
  2. Slide the cord you’ll use for your garland through the top loop of the tassel. Tightly tie the cord you’ll use for your garland twice above the tassel loop.
  3. Lay out the wooden beads in your desired pattern.
  4. String the wooden beads onto the cord.
  5. Repeat step 1 to make a second tassel and tie it to the end of the garland.
  6. I frayed the ends of the tassels by twisting the ends in between my fingers.

Place your garland over books or on a dresser, shelf, or table.

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