Welcome to Stash of Panache

Welcome to Stash of Panache, a home decor and lifestyle blog for women with champagne taste and a boxed wine budget.

I’m Alana Frailey. I love living fabulously – without spending a lot of money. Like most women, I look to bloggers for everyday lifestyle guides – what to wear, what to eat, which beauty products to use. But, I’ve been hard-pressed to find sources that address my domestic challenges – home decor and financing, entertaining, traveling.

I found features on my favorite blogs and websites, but very few were tailored to the financial means and lifestyle of women like me, twenty-something and in the early stages of their career.

Most of my inspiration came from women with the cash flow, and time, to build their dream home, entertain, and travel well, but I didn’t want to wait years to live that life. I wanted a single source to share how to incorporate domestic niceties into an early-career lifestyle within a modest budget, and Stash of Panache was born.


What’s in a Name

Panache = lots of energy and style. To put it simply, this blog is a collection (read: stash) of resources for a fabulous and stylish lifestyle. And the name rhymes.

Who is Stash of Panache for?

Stash of Panache is for independent, creative women – the recent college graduate moving into her first apartment, the girls’ trip planner, the woman living with her parents who wants to turn a bedroom donned with high school hero memorabilia into a stylish and grown-up space.


I want to share my decor, my home ownership journey, entertaining, DIY, and other lifestyle features and how to attain them without spending a lot of money.

As the blog grows, I will feature other women, showcasing their styles and financial strategies.


Taking the Leap

Stash of Panache has been a goal of mine for over a year, but I used every excuse to talk myself out of pursuing it. It’s time to stop being my own worst critic and take the leap. Thank you for coming with me.

I hope you enjoy my Stash of Panache!

Blouse: Banana Republic – Factory

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