Stash of Panache is an interior design firm specializing in affordable and functional high-end design, owned and operated by Alana Frailey.

In May 2016, Stash of Panache began as a blog for “anyone with champagne taste and a boxed wine budget”. Through the blog, Alana shared budget-friendly interior design solutions and her experiences decorating an apartment and renovating a home in Houston, Texas. In October 2016, Stash of Panache became an interior design firm, providing clients with upscale design within an affordable budget.

When Alana was preparing to purchase and renovate her first home, her Pinterest boards were filled with expensive designs that were out of of her budget. Alana realized that she had a knack for sourcing similar products and lower price point and coming up with creative solutions to maintain upscale, high-quality design at an affordable cost. Now, she offers those services to her clients.

Alana is a proud graduate of Texas A&M University. She is also a full-time software marketing professional and a licensed REALTOR®. When she’s not working, Alana loves to travel, read, and she is a ravenous antiquer and haggler for the best deals.


Get your dream home.

Stash of Panache delivers affordable solutions to your design dilemmas, online, via personalized E-design services, or in-person full service design.

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Buy, sell, or rent in Houston.

Alana Frailey is a licensed REALTOR®  serving the greater Houston area.

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Discover affordable design solutions.

On the blog, you’ll find easily attainable design, entertaining, and lifestyle solutions suited for a busy lifestyle and modest budget like, how to host an at-home wine tasting or how to balance a home renovation between your 9-5 and 5-9.

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